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Live Aviation

Live ATC, Webcams & Trackers

Live Aviation

Live Air Traffic Control:

Live Air Traffic Control.
Listen to Live Air Traffic Control.

Live Airport Webcams:

Live Webcams.
Webcam Hopper.

Live Webcams.
Airport Webcams.

Heathrow Airport Webcam.

Real-time Flight Trackers:

ADS-B Exchange Tracker Replay:

ADS-B Exchange and Military Freedar are very good for tracking military aircraft. Pressing 'U' in ADS-B Exchange will show only military aircraft.

The other trackers are better at tracking civilian aircraft, although they may also show some military aircraft.

Live Military Mode (below) provides a list of military aircraft currently flying over the UK or around the world.

Live Trackers.
Live Military Mode (UK).
Current Military Aircraft in the UK Tracker.
Historic Military Aircraft in the UK Tracker.

Additional Trackers:

Track all the Boeing 787 Dreamliners.
Track by aircraft type (A380 etc) - FlightAware.

Mobile Flight Tracker Apps:

ADSB Flight Tracker App (IOS & Android).
Flight Radar 24 App (IOS & Android).
Freedar App (IOS & Android).
Military Freedar App (IOS & Android).
Plane Finder App (IOS & Android). (No App required).


NOTAM stands for 'Notice to Airmen' and are used to alert aircraft pilots of potential hazards along a flight route or at a location that could affect the safety of the flight.

They can also be useful for aviation enthusiasts to give them advanced notice about any upcoming events which involve aircraft such as air displays, flypasts and even the route taken by the Red Arrows as they transit to an air show or perform a flypast.

There are several websites where you can find NOTAMS which are listed below:

NATS/Aeronautical Information Service.
FAA.Gov. (UK Map).


NATS/Aeronautical Information Service (NATS/AIS), commonly referred to as NATS, is the main air navigation service provider in the United Kingdom. Although this is the best and fastest way to get up-to-date NOTAMS, you will have to register to use this website. Select 'Area PIB' and you will need to enter the ICAO codes (FIRs) - EGTT and EGPX to view UK NOTAMS and set the Validity Period (how far ahead you want to view the NOTAMs).

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the largest transportation agency of the U.S. government and regulates all aspects of civil aviation. You can access UK NOTAMS on this website by using the following ICAO Identifiers:- EGTT and EGPX. You do not have to register to use this website. text map

The website is very easy to use and allows you to access NOTAMS in text or displayed on a map. You can view the NOTAM's on a specific day, up to seven days ahead. Below is a list of countries where you can find NOTAM text or maps on

Austria - Text - Map.
Belgium - Text - Map.
Denmark - Text - Map.
France - Text - Map.
Germany - Text - Map.
Iceland - Text - Map.
Ireland - Text - Map.
Italy - Text - Map.
Netherlands - Text - Map.
Norway - Text - Map.
Portugal - Text - Map.
Spain - Text - Map.
Sweden - Text - Map.
Switzerland - Text - Map.
United Kingdom - Text - Map.
UK & Channel Islands - Text - Map.

Click 'Text' for NOTAMs or click 'Map' for NOTAMs on a map.

Detailed information on using NOTAMS can be found
here or by clicking on the image above.

UK Airports

Live Aviation.

UK Airports:

Here you will find information on the main UK airports along with scanner frequencies, arrivals, departures, airline trackers, location (maps), history of the airport, how to get there, satnav postcodes, weather forecast, and hotel accommodation.

UK Airports
UK Airports photographs
UK Airlines & Callsigns
Aberdeen Airport
Belfast Airport
Birmingham Airport
Bristol Airport
Cardiff Airport
Teesside International Airport
East Midlands Airport
Edinburgh Airport
Glasgow Airport
Humberside Airport
Leeds-Bradford Airport
Liverpool Airport
London City Airport
Gatwick Airport
Heathrow Airport
Luton Airport
Stansted Airport
Manchester Airport
Newcastle Airport
Norwich Airport
Prestwick Airport
Doncaster Sheffield Airport

G-INFO search.

Search for an aircraft's details by using G-INFO search.

Scanners and UK Scanner Frequencies:
UK Airport Scanner frequencies.
UK Airshow/Military Bases Scanner frequencies.
Airband Scanner Information.
Uniden Bearcat UBC125XLT
Uniden Bearcat UBC3500XLT (Now discontinued)
Icom IC-R6

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UK Airports Arrivals & Departures:

Aberdeen Airport Arrivals/Departures
Belfast International Airport Arrivals/Departures
Birmingham Airport Arrivals/Departures
Bristol Airport Arrivals/Departures
Cardiff Airport Arrivals/Departures
Derry City Airport Arrivals
Derry City Airport Departures
Teesside International Airport Arrivals/Departures
East Midlands Airport Arrivals/Departures
Edinburgh Airport Arrivals/Departures
Exeter Airport Arrivals/Departures
Gatwick Airport Arrivals/Departures
Glasgow Airport Arrivals
Glasgow Airport Departures
Heathrow Airport Arrivals
Heathrow Airport Departures
Humberside Airport Arrivals/Departures
Leeds/Bradford Airport Arrivals
Leeds/Bradford Airport Departures
Liverpool Airport Arrivals/Departures
London City Airport Arrivals/Departures
Luton Airport Arrivals/Departures
Jersey Airport Arrivals
Jersey Airport Departures
Manchester Airport Arrivals/Departures
Newcastle Airport Arrivals/Departures
Norwich Airport Arrivals/Departures
Prestwick Airport Arrivals/Departures
Doncaster Sheffield Airport Arrivals/Departures
Stansted Airport Arrivals/Departures
Southampton Airport Arrivals/Departures

TV and Radio Guide:

UK TV Guide.
Radio Times.






NORAD Tracks Santa:

NORAD Tracks Santa.
NORAD Tracks Santa over Christmas.

Military Bases Information

Live Aviation.

Military Bases:

Here you will find information on many UK Military bases including Royal Air Force, United States Air Force, Royal Navy, and Army Air Corps.

There are details on current aircraft & Squadrons, history of the base, maps, scanner frequencies, trackers, and photos of the aircraft for each base.

RAF Bases

RAF Benson
RAF Brize Norton
RAF Coningsby
RAF Cranwell
RAF Leeming
RAF Linton-on-Ouse
RAF Lossiemouth
RAF Marham
RAF Northolt
RAF Odiham
RAF Scampton
RAF Shawbury
RAF Valley
RAF Wittering
RAF Waddington

RAF Bases operated by USAF

RAF Fairford
RAF Lakenheath
RAF Mildenhall

Fleet Air Arm Bases

RNAS Culdrose
RNAS Yeovilton

Army Air Corps

Middle Wallop


Boscombe Down

Vulcan Calendar

Red Arrows Official Calendar

Aviation Museums.

UK Aviation Museums:

UK Aviation Museums
Aerospace Bristol
Army Flying Museum
Avro Heritage Museum
BBMF Visitor Centre
Bentwaters Cold War Museum
Boscombe Down Aviation Collection
Bournemouth Aviation Museum
Brooklands Museum
City of Norwich Aviation Museum
Cold War Jets Collection
Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre
de Havilland Aircraft Museum
East Midlands Aeropark
Farnborough Air Sciences Trust Museum
Fleet Air Arm Museum
Gatwick Aviation Museum
Imperial War Museum Duxford
Jet Age Museum
Kent Battle of Britain Museum
Lashenden Air Warfare Museum
Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre
Midland Air Museum
Museum of Berkshire Aviation
Newark Air Museum
Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum
North East Aircraft Museum
Royal Air Force Museum Cosford
Royal Air Force Museum London (Hendon)
Shoreham Aircraft Museum
Shuttleworth Collection
Solent Sky Museum
Solway Aviation Museum
South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum - AeroVenture
Sywell Aviation Museum
Tangmere Military Aviation Museum
The Helicopter Museum
Wattisham Station Heritage
Wellesbourne Wartime Museum
Yorkshire Air Museum
Caernarfon Airworld Museum
Dumfries and Galloway Aviation Museum
Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre
National Museum of Flight
Northern Ireland:
Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

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