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AAC Middle Wallop

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Middle Wallop.

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Runway(s) :
3,596ft (08/26) grass
3,875ft (17/35) grass

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Middle Wallop - IATA:, ICAO:EGVP
Middle Wallop.
Middle Wallop Control Tower

AAC Middle Wallop is located south-west of Andover in Hampshire. It is a British Army base which hosts 2 (Training) Regiment Army Air Corps and 7 (Training) Regiment Army Air Corps under the umbrella of the Army Aviation Centre.

The role of 2 Regiment is ground training and 7 Regiment trains aircrew on AAC aircraft after they have completed basic training at RAF Shawbury.

Middle Wallop Airfield Satellite View

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Middle Wallop Scanner Frequencies:
Approach - 280.620
Radar/App - 118.275
Tower - 118.600, 357.020

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Aircraft & Squadrons
AAC Middle Wallop is the base where most Army Air Corps pilots begin their careers and is currently home to 2 Regiment Army Air Corps and 7 Regiment Army Air Corps.

2 Regiment consists of 676 Sqn AAC, which looks after the administration and well being of all Phase Two Army Air Corps trainees, and 668 (Training) Sqn AAC which is responsible for groundcrew training (re-arming, refueling & ground maneuvers) on the Apache helicopter.

7 Regiment trains aircrew on AAC aircraft after they completed basic training at RAF Shawbury and consists of 670 Sqn AAC, 671 Sqn AAC (Gazelle and Bell 212), and 673 Sqn AAC (Apache AH1).

The Army Flying Grading Flight operates the Tutor T1.

AAC Middle Wallop is also home to the 'Army Flying Museum'.

671 Squadron, 7 Regiment - Gazelle, Bell 212
673 Squadron, 7 Regiment - Apache AH1
Army Flying Grading Flight - Tutor T1
667 Development & Trials Squadron - Apache AH1, Gazelle AH1, Wildcat AH1

RAF Middle Wallop opened in 1940 as a training school for new pilots. It was originally intended as a bomber airfield but because of the Battle of Britain was used as part of 10 group RAF Fighter Command with Spitfires and Hurricanes. The Bristol Beaufighter was also used by a specialist night fighter unit which helped provide night time defence over the UK during the Blitz from late 1940 until mid 1941.

The United States Army Air Force used Middle Wallop from December 1943 and flew the photographic versions of the Lockheed P-38 Lightning (F-5) and North American P-51 Mustang. The USAAF left Middle Wallop in June 1944, after D-Day. The Royal Air Force returned to Middle Wallop in July 1944 for No. 418 Squadron RCAF and its de Havilland Mosquito nightfighters.

In January 1945, Middle Wallop was transferred to Royal Navy use and became 'RNAS Middle Wallop'. HMS Flycatcher the HQ for the Mobile Naval Air Base organization. In 1946, Middle Wallop was once again occupied by the Royal Air Force with Spitfires. The following year 227 OCU, an Army Air Observation Post training unit, was moved to the airfield. This was renamed as the Air Observation Post School in 1950 and the Light Aircraft School in 1952.

In 1954 a Development Flight (CFS) with helicopters was formed there, this led to the Joint Experimental Helicopter Unit in 1955. On 1 September 1957, when British Army aviation became independent of the RAF, Middle Wallop transferred to the new Army Air Corps. It became the School of Army Aviation, to which it has remained to the present date.


AAC Gazelle.AAC Gazelle.

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Tutor T1.Tutor T1.

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