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RAF Shawbury

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RAF Typhoon FGR4 at the Royal International Air Tattoo, RAF Fairford.

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RAF Shawbury - IATA: , ICAO:EGOS
RAF Shawbury.
RAF Shawbury - Wikimedia Commons

RAF Shawbury is located north-east of Shrewbury in Shropshire, and is home to the Defence Helicopter Flying School which provides training for helicopter pilots for all three of the UK's armed services.

The new H135 Juno HT1 helicopter has now replaced the older Squirrel HT1 (Eurocopter AS350BB), and the Griffin HT1 (Bell 412 EP) helicopters. It was announced in January 2020 that four new H145 Jupiter helicopters and a simulator will also be based at RAF Shawbury.

Shawbury is also home to the Air Traffic Control School and the RAF Aircraft Storage flight.

RAF Shawbury Satellite View

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Scanner Frequencies

RAF Shawbury Scanner Frequencies
Approach - 269.425, 133.150
Low Level - 369.175
Zone - 133.150
Director - 373.225, *123.300
PAR - 377.775, 360.450, *123.300
Tower - 362.000, *122.100
Info - 370.300
ATIS - 341.650
*= NATO Common Frequency

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Aircraft & Squadrons
RAF Shawbury is home to the Defence Helicopter Flying School which trains helicopter pilots for the Royal Air Force, Royal Naval Air Service, and Army Air Corps. The Squirrel HT1 (Eurocopter AS350BB) helicopter has been replaced by the new H135 Juno HT1.

Thirty two new H135 Juno HT1 helicopters are currently being delivered and marks the build-up towards the start of the rotary-wing element of UKMFTS (UK Military Flying Training System) which began in April 2018. It was announced in January 2020 that four new H145 Jupiter helicopters and a simulator would also be based at RAF Shawbury. The H145 Jupiter will allow the students to fly a range of missions including winching tasks and rear crew activities.

The Central Air Traffic Control School, at Shawbury, trains the next generation of controllers, delivers specific pre-deployment training to those about to deploy on operations and trains selected personnel as instructors.

No.60 Squadron RAF - H135 Juno HT1.
705 Naval Air Squadron - H135 Juno HT1.
No.660 Squadron AAC - H135 Juno HT1.
No.670 Squadron AAC - H135 Juno HT1.
UKMFTS - H145 Jupiter HT1 (4 ordered in Jan 2020).

The station at Shawbury was first used for military flying training in 1917 by the Royal Flying Corps. Three training Squadrons operated several types of aircraft. The airfield closed in 1920 and the hangars and other building were demolished and the land returned to agricultural use.

The airfield was reactivated in 1938 as a training establishment and an Aircraft Storage Unit. It was mainly used for preparing pilots for operational Squadrons using the Airspeed Oxford aircraft. In 1944 it became the home of the Central Navigation School, primarily concerned with improving the standard of air navigation in bombers.

In 1950 the School of Air Traffic Control also moved to Shawbury, combining to form the Central Navigation and Control School. Aircraft were still stored here and scrapping work was undertaken until 1972. In 1976 Shawbury became an airfield for basic and advanced helicopter training, on the Aerospatiale Gazelle and Westland Wessex respectively.

In April 1997 the station started providing training for helicopter pilots for all three of the UK's armed services, being home to the Defence Helicopter Flying School.


Squirrel HT1.Squirrel HT1.

Squirrel HT1 - John Bilcliffe.Griffin HT1 - John Bilcliffe.

H135 Juno HT1.H135 Juno HT1.

Jupiter HT1.Jupiter HT1.

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