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MoD Boscombe Down

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Empire Test Pilots School Alpha Jet & Avro RJ100.

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Runway(s) :
10,538ft (05/23)
6,280ft (17/35)

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Boscombe Down

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MoD Boscombe Down - IATA:, ICAO:EGDM
Empire Test Pilots School Alpha Jet & Avro RJ100.
ETPS Alpha Jet & Avro RJ100

MoD Boscombe Down is an aircraft testing site which is located at Amesbury in Wiltshire, and is run and managed by QinetiQ.

Boscombe Down evaluates British Armed Forces aircraft and is home to the Rotary Wing Test and Evaluation Squadron, Heavy Aircraft Test Squadron, Handling Squadron, and the Empire Test Pilots School (ETPS).

MoD Boscombe Down Satellite View

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Scanner Frequencies

MoD Boscombe Down Scanner Frequencies
Approach - 126.700, 340.250, 130.000
Director - 362.050, 130.000
Zone - 126.700, 256.500
Radar - 292.275
PAR - 373.150, 130.000
Tower - 369.425, 130.750
Ground - 130.750, 374.450
OPS - 376.725
ATIS - 232.850

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Aircraft & Squadrons
Boscombe Down's primary role is to support the Ministry of Defence (MoD) by performing impartial flight trials of new aircraft, airborne equipment and weapons to assess safety and suitability.

The site has two runways of 10,538ft & 6,280ft and houses a fleet of test aircraft as well as being home to the Rotary Wing Test and Evaluation Squadron, Heavy Aircraft Test Squadron, Handling Squadron, and the Empire Test Pilots School (ETPS).

No. 2 Group (Air Combat Support) RAF includes the Joint Aircraft Recovery and Transportation Squadron (No. 42 (Expeditionary Support) Wing) based at Boscombe Down.

It is also currently home to the Southampton University Air Squadron, Bristol University Air Squadron, and No2 Air Experience Flight all operating the Grob Tutor T1.

Air Test and Evaluation Centre - DA42 Twin Star, JAS 39 Gripen, PC-21, G120TP, RJ70 & RJ100.
Rotary Wing Test Squadron - A109E Power, Bell 412 & H125.
Empire Test Pilots School - DA42 Twin Star, JAS 39 Gripen, PC-21, G120TP, RJ70 & RJ100.
744 NAS - Merlin HM2 and Chinook HC5/6.
University Air Squadron Southampton - Grob Tutor.
University Air Squadron Bristol - Grob Tutor.
No.2 Air Experience Flight - Grob Tutor.

Aircraft testing at the airfield started when the 'Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment' (A&AEE) moved from RAF Martlesham Heath in August 1939, as the Second World War hostilities commenced, when the airfield was known as RAF Boscombe Down.

Boscombe Down has witnessed many significant developments in the British aviation industry, including trials of many aircraft flown by the British armed forces since the Second World War, such as the first flights of the English Electric P 1, forerunner of the English Electric Lightning, the Folland Gnat and Midge, Hawker P.1067 (the prototype Hunter), Westland Wyvern and the BAC TSR.2.

In 1992 the site was renamed the 'Aircraft and Armament Evaluation Establishment' when experimental work moved to the Defence Research Agency. Responsibility for the site passed from the MoD Procurement Executive to the Defence Test and Evaluation Organisation (DTEO) in 1993, and subsequently to the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency in 1995. Following the creation of QinetiQ in 2001, a 25-year Long Term Partnering Agreement (LTPA) was established with the MOD. Boscombe Down remains a government airfield but operated by QinetiQ on behalf of the Ministry of Defence.


ETPS Agusta Westland AW109.ETPS Agusta Westland AW109.

ETPS Alpha Jet & Hawk.ETPS Alpha Jet & Hawk.

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