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Display Teams - Trig Aerobatic Team

Trig Aerobatic Team
Trig Aerobatic Team by David Hackney
Photo by David Hackney

The Trig Aerobatic Team operate two bright yellow Pitts Special S-1D biplanes.

The team is known for their extreme close formation flying, their aircraft often flying only 5 feet apart and gravitational or 'g forces' of +6g and -4g.

The team leader of the Trig Aerobatic Team is Richard Grace who is the son of famous display pilots Carolyn and Nick Grace. Carolyn Grace displayed Spitfire Tr.IX (ML407) at airshows for 25 years before retiring from flying in 2017. Richard not only leads the Trig Aerobatic Team but also displays in Spitfire ML407.

Dave Puleston, like Richard is a qualified aircraft engineer. He has flown more than 60 types of light aeroplane and gliders, mostly vintage or aerobatic and has held a CAA display authorisation since 2000.

Richard and Dave have a huge experience of vintage aircraft. Together they restore and fly some of the most rare and historic aircraft in existence today.

The Pitts Special is a light aerobatic biplane that dominated world aerobatic competitions in the 1960s and 1970s and, even today, remains a potent competition aircraft.