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Display Teams - Royal Jordanian Falcons

Royal Jordanian Falcons
PRoyal Jordanian Falcons

The Royal Jordanian Falcons display team operate four Extra 300L aerobatic aircraft. Their headquarters are at Aqaba Airport (King Hussein International Airport) and are logistically supported by the Royal Jordanian Air Lines and also the Royal Jordanian Air Force.

They were formed to represent the whole country and their mission is to promote Jordan as a whole.

The Royal Jordanian Falcons display team was formed on the orders of King Hussein of Jordan in 1976. They flew three Pitts S-2A Special aircraft. In 1992 they replaced the Pitts Specials with four Walter Extra 300 aerobatic aircraft which allow the Royal Jordanian Falcons to execute the most demanding and spectacular aerobatic manoeuvres.

The Royal Jordanian Falcons are a perennial national acrobatic team formed in 1976 at the initiative of His Majesty the Late King Hussein Bin Talal. They have an international reputation for precision, professionalism and spectacular performance.

Royal Jordanian Falcons function as a highly specialized asset for the promotion of Jordan, serving as the country's "roving ambassadores".