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Display Teams - Turkish Stars

Turkish Stars
Turkish Stars

The Turkish Stars display team are a relatively new team having been formed on November 7th 1992 and named the Turkish Stars on January 11, 1993.

They fly with eight red and white Canadair NF-5 supersonic aircraft. They are one of only a few International Display Teams that fly with supersonic aircraft and the only one with eight supersonic jet aircraft.

This display team is well known for its exciting displays and in particular the very humourous commentator.

The Turkish Stars were founded on November 7th 1992 in Konya and they made their first international appearance in Kleine Brogel, Belgium in 1995. They fly eight red and white supersonic Northdrop NF-5 'Freedom Fighter' aircraft which are supported by a CN-235, C-130 or C-160 support aircraft in Turkish Stars colours.

The commentator for the Turkish stars is particularly funny and at the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) in 1996 he kept the crowd informed not only about the flying manoeuvres but also about the marital status of the pilots and who was the most handsome but concluded that he himself was the 'most handsome of all'. The Turkish Stars finished their display to a standing ovation at RIAT '96.

With the display performed in Baku/Azerbaijan in August 24,2001, the Turkish Stars is the only team that has performed a display to more than one million people.