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Display Teams - Yakovlevs


The Yakovlevs are the UK's premier four-ship formation aerobatic team, flying four powerful Russian Yak-50 Unlimited Aerobatic and Yak-52 Aerobatic training machines.

The Yakovlevs display programme has been developed for all the family, demonstrating precision flying at its best as well as the unique capabilities of the high performance Yakovlev aerobatics aircraft. It involves close formation manoeuvres and graceful aerobatics.

The team flies Russian aircraft made by the Yakovlevs design bureau. These reliable and robust aircraft were designed for training and world class aerobatic competitions.

After over 2000 displays across 13 countries and what will be 25 years of the team display flying, the 2023 season will be the last year that Team Yakovlevs will be display flying.

Team Yakovlevs announced in March 2023 that they had taken the tough decision to cease all flying operations with immediate effect.

The team was formed in December 1999 and flew a successful first airshow season in 2000. For the 2001 season the teams aircraft are marked in their distinctive colour scheme.

New for 2001 was the unique Super Yak-50 - one of the fastest climbing piston single engined aircraft in the world - as well as the Yak-52, and both aircraft are world exclusives for the Yakovlevs.

The display pilots are led by Jez Hopkinson and include Peter Scandrett, Nick Barnard, Den Harkin, Willy Hackett, Azat Zaydullin, Jon Herod, Jim Schofield, and Dan Denham.

Leading the Yakovlevs is the world's most powerful Yak 52, known as the Super 52. This unique two seater aeroplane was specifically developed for the team. Following in close formation are three single seat Yak 50s. These world championship aerobatic aircraft were much loved for their sparkling performance, manoeuvrability and grace.

From Team Yakovlevs Facebook (15.3.23):
After long deliberation, the team has taken the tough decision to cease all flying operations with immediate effect. We were hoping to have a full season displaying in 2023, but sadly that will not be the case. Thank you to those venues that did want us to display at their venue. There are many reason..... but it is what it is. Thank you again to all that have supported us over the last 25 years.