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Glasgow Prestwick Airport

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Prestwick Airport.

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Runway(s) :
9,797ft (12/30)
6,250ft (03/21)

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Prestwick Airport - IATA:PIK, ICAO:EGPK
Prestwick Airport.
Prestwick Airport - Wikimedia Commons

Glasgow Prestwick Airport is located 1.2 miles northeast of the town of Prestwick in South Ayrshire and is 32 miles from the city centre of Glasgow.

The Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm use part of Prestwick Airport as a Search and Rescue (SAR) base called HMS Gannet. They operate three Sea King helicopters which cover one of the largest SAR areas in the United Kingdom.

Prestwick is the fourth busiest airport in Scotland after Edinburgh Airport, Glasgow International Airport, and Aberdeen Airport.

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Prestwick Airport Scanner Frequencies:
Approach - 128.450
Radar - 129.450, 124.625
Tower - 118.150, 127.150
ATIS - 121.125

Prestwick Airport Airlines:
Ryanair Air France Cargo
Cargolux (Cargo) Cargolux Italia (Cargo)
Volga-Dnepr Airlines (Cargo)
A list of all Airlines operating in the UK.

From 1934 to 1935, the airport was built with control tower, hangar, and offices to be used mainly as a training airfield. It was owned by David Fowler McIntyre and backed by the Duke of Hamilton who had both been the first aviators to fly atop Mount Everest in 1933. In 1938, passenger facilities were added and later made compatible with the new jet aircraft. In 1958, the runway was 7,000ft long and in 1960 extended to 9,800ft. In 1964, a taxiway, link-road, and new terminal building were opened. The USAF were based here from 1952 until 1966.

Today, the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm use part of Prestwick Airport as a Search and Rescue (SAR) base called HMS Gannet. They operate three Sea King helicopters which cover one of the largest SAR areas in the United Kingdom.

Scottish Aviation had a factory on site using the original terminal building and produced the Prestwick Pioneer, Jetstream, and Bulldog here. When Scottish Aviation merged with British Aerospace aircraft production was maintained until 1998 but BAE Systems still have a small facility on site for its BAE Systems Regional Aircraft division producing components for Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

Prestwick originally was the only Scottish Airport to operate a transatlantic link due to the good weather conditions and the fact that it is the only fog-free airport in Britain. This made it a good diversionary airport when bad weather affected other airports. In 1983, Prestwick was also used for Concorde pilot training. Prestwick also hosted a bi-annual airshow from 1967 to 1992.

In 1992, the airport was sold to Matthew Hudson, a Canadian entrepreneur, who built a railway station at the airport. The rapid growth of European no-frills airlines in the late 1990s saw the airport's traffic increase. In 1998, the airport was sold to Stagecoach, a Scottish transportation group.

Glasgow Prestwick Airport is considered to be the only place in the United Kingdom where Elvis Presley ever set foot, when the United States Army transport plane carrying him home stopped to refuel in 1960, en route from Germany. A lounge bearing his name and a marker reflecting this event were inaugurated in 2006.

Today, Ryanair serves more than 20 destinations from Prestwick, and is one of their maintenance hubs. Other budget airlines have moved to the airport. Prestwick is also used as a refueling point for military aircraft with regular visitors by the RAF, USAF, and Canadian Forces Air Command. The airport is also used for cargo traffic, and was owned by Infritil, a New Zealand investment company, who refurbished the main terminal building. The Scottish Government took the airport back into public ownership in 2012. As part of the privatisation of the UK's search and rescue service, Bristow Helicopters will base two AgustaWestland AW189 helicopters in a new hangar, replacing HMS Gannet by mid-2017.

Getting to Glasgow Prestwick Airport
The M77 road link means that Glasgow city centre is only a 32 mile drive on motorway. The Sat Nav postcode is KA9 2PL.

Glasgow Prestwick is the only airport in Scotland served by its own railway station which is accessible by a covered walkway to/from the airport. All services from the station are operated by First ScotRail.

Buses to Prestwick Airport are operated by Stagecoach Western.

Taxis are available for immediate hire outside the terminal building.

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