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Airshow Cameras, Lenses and Accessories


DSLR Camera & Lenses
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Buy DSLR Cameras & Lenses at Amazon.

Buy Airband Scanners at Amazon.

Airshow Cameras, Lenses and Accessories

Below are a few DSLR Cameras, telephoto lenses, wide-angled lenses, and accessories which are available at Amazon.

For Air Show photography it is recommended to get a Digital SLR Camera along with a telephoto lens for aircraft displaying in the air, and a wide-angled lens for aircraft on static display.

A camera bag will also be needed to carry your expensive camera equipment around with you. Ideally it should be rugged enough and padded well to protect your camera & lenses, and be waterproof. A backpack can be comfortable to carry or a wheeled-bag is very useful if you don't want to carry your heavy camera equipment.

You will really appreciate a fold-up chair instead of having to stand up all day or having to sit on the ground.

More information can be found at Canon Digital SLR Camera & Lens for Airshows.