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Vulcan XH558

Vulcan XH558 was the last flying Vulcan, and it was a terrific display aircraft. It is kept in flying condition at Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire. The owner of XH558 is negotiating with the CAA and British Aerospace with the aim of getting this great aircraft in the air again.

Vulcan latest (Jan 2001)

Although no formal decision has been announced it looks as though the VOC might be going for a 'soft-start' option. The total amount to restore the aircraft is still some way off but there should be enough in the bank to begin the work. Response has been encouraging after 558's appearance in the national and international press and the money continues to roll in. The VOC will be at Waddington airshow and RIAT so make sure you hand over your wad to the VOC stand rather than the caterers, every pound counts.

Vulcan latest (Aug 2001)

A significant point in the activity to return XH558 to flight has been reached. Exhaustive work and discussion have taken place over recent months with regard to Avro Vulcan XH558. Since Vulcan to the Sky was launched in January this year, funds have been coming in from thousands of supporters and have enabled the work to return her to the sky to begin. The months have passed by and each one has brought the engineering team nearer their goal. This means that the whole programme is now a third of its way to completion. A golden opportunity for an impressive old war bird to fly again (article in the Times Oct 19/2000)

Vulcan latest (Jan 2002)

All engineering activity on the aircraft has been suspended, awaiting the approvals and funding for the next stage of the Major: the Inspection phase. The aircraft remains on jacks, without engines, wheels, undercarriage units, canopy, radome, avionics systems, fuel tanks and with all of her inspection panels removed. The documentation supporting the Major is complete, including records of work done to date, and a description of any faults found.

XH558 is in the most deeply-stripped state that she has been in since manufacture: there is no going back - the only way now is forward.

The next phase of the Major Service is formal Inspection of every part of the aircraft by approved technicians under the control of Marshall Aerospace, the Engineering Authority. For this to commence, the organisation and procedures proposed by Marshall Aerospace must be approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority. Draft documentation (the "A8-20 Exposition") is being presented to both the CAA and to the Design Authority, BAE Systems for approval, which is expected within the next two months.

The hangar facilities at Bruntingthorpe will also be audited and formally approved by the CAA for the Major Service.

A technical issue remains, arising out of concern for the integrity of the electrical wiring, given the profile of this issue on older aircraft. The main focus of the investigation is on the quality of electrical terminations in exposed parts of the aircraft such as the undercarriage bays. An action plan to create appropriate inspection criteria and rectification procedures is under way.

A draft Organisational Control Manual (OCM) describing the way that the VOC intends to operate the aircraft has been submitted to the CAA, and some very valuable initial feedback has been received.

Project Timescales Assuming that necessary financial assistance becomes available before April 2002, the VOC believes that the Restoration phase of the project will be completed in time for a first test flight of XH558 in early 2003.

No Lottery Funding for XH558

The British Heritage Lottery Fund has declined to provide funding for the Vulcan to the Sky project. The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) say reasons for their decision being "value for money", and "risk".

'The Vulcan to the Sky team is aghast at this decision, and feels a huge sense of frustration that this should happen. Why, one has to ask? It feels so unjust. So much has been achieved, but it seems that at the moment we may well not be able to take the programme any further.'

If you wish to make your feelings about their decision known directly to the HLF, then please ring them on 0207 591 6046 or 0207 591 6041, or send an email to, copying and, or write to Anthea Case, Director, Heritage Lottery Fund, 7 Holbein Place, London, SW1W 8NR as soon as you are able. Alternatively, you can e-mail Anthea Case directly at or fax on 0207 591 6013.

Above taken from Vulcan 558 Club

BBC News Report

Vulcan Restoration Trust Statement

Vulcan latest (Mar 2003)

'Vulcan to the Sky' (VTS) embarks on Phase Two of the programme to return XH558 to flight.

'Phase one is complete' says Dr Robert Pleming Project Director of Vulcan to the Sky (VTS)'This is an astonishing achievement and our thanks to all those, including 15,000 'Friend' of VTS who have contributed. We have been at the crossroads of the Campaign since last November when the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) turned down our application for a grant to fund the restoration of this unique British Heritage Asset. Following discussion the HLF has suggested that VTS should reapply. We have evaluated the project and decided that we must undertake this opportunity. We have, therefore, prepared a new application, embracing all the points and more, that the HLF raised in their debrief session. Phase one the Preparation is complete: phase two the Restoration awaits the decision of the HLF; phase three her Display Life which will follow and gives the most extraordinary access to millions who may see her overhead, a unique and sobering lifetime experience. Phase four, her Retirement will place her in a national museum safe and available forever for anyone who wishes access.'

'We have been warmed by the tremendous support we have received from so many who have expressed their dismay at the rejection to the HLF. We now wish to move on and turn this feeling into positive support for the reapplication and in so doing ask everyone who believes in the unique quality of the VTS project to contribute to the Save our Heritage Campaign. Everyone who contributes will receive a SOH badge and in addition to being a 'Friend' of VTS and having contributed to the preparation of XH558 by contributing to Phase One will also be part of Phase Two. Phase Two is the restoration of the unique programme of saving the heritage of the nation. The Vulcan was fundamental in the Cold War, the initiative that kept peace in the world throughout a time of conflict and diplomatic discussion. She is unique to our heritage and I hope that you will, with me, rally to persuade the HLF that she is an irreplaceable part of our national heritage' says Felicity Irwin Campaign Director of VTS.

Vulcan latest (30th May 2003)

The future of a British flying legend is once again hanging in the balance and her support team are fighting for her survival. The Vulcan to The Sky (VTS) team, who are running a campaign to return the last Avro Vulcan to flight, are lodging their second application with the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) on Friday May 30th. This application has four major new factors and addresses the weaknesses perceived by the HLF in the previous application, which together with new partnership agreements, significant letters of support and an enormous amount of factual information enhances the chances of the programme gaining support of the HLF Trustees. The fact that Avro Vulcan XH558 is the only remaining Vulcan in the world that can ever fly and that she is undoubtedly an awesome and significant British heritage asset will be supported by the reality that with the granting of funds the HLF will allow;

1. The Vulcan to the Sky Trust (VTST) to secure the aircraft for the nation;
2. The VTST to carry out the stewardship of XH558 throughout 10-15 years of display life and ensure visibility to the widest possible audience linked to a programme of interpretation, education and training;
3. The VTST to ensure a sustainable programme through a realistic business plan, and a minimum risk programme through very high technical standards;
4. XH558 to ultimately retire to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford as the finest aircraft of her era in the world, available to many generations in perpetuity.

Vulcan Stage One Pass (December 2003)

The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) have allocated a 'Stage 1' grant for the restoration of XH558. Basically, this means they've put aside £2.5million which will be released on the condition that the campaign can raise a further £600,000.

Great News

Vulcan to the Sky - Save Our Heritage (VTS-SOH) has received confirmation of the Stage One Pass from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) to their application for a grant. This is excellent news and the money requested has been allocated so that further information on specific areas can be given and Stage Two passed, which means the funding will then be forthcoming.

The HLF have ring fenced £2.5M, which will be released when Stage Two is passed.

The £500,000 that we have been targeting for December has reached £370,000, and is increasing daily. This was needed for the Stage One Pass. It does, however, leave us with a further £600,000 to raise to complete our full funding commitment of 29% of the required funding. £1.3million has been raised through donations, support in kind and pledges to date and we will continue to seek pledges and funding for the Stage Two Pass decision.

Thank you to everyone for their support so far. We need it more than ever now to raise the final £600,000 to conclude our matched funding target.

What a result and so well deserved. Everyone has given 110% effort to the project to return Avro Vulcan XH558 to flight. This includes everyone who has donated and supported but particular mention must be due to the Walton family, The Vulcan 558 Club, 'The Friends' of VTS and all those who are partners in our application.

The Stage One Pass means that we still have hoops to jump through before the grant is released but it is fantastic and makes the project financially viable. For the VTS team the real business has just begun.

For supporters until now victory is within sight and restoration and the realisation of flight will be the next milestone. We can only move forward and take the whole of the nation with us. Please continue to send your pledges we simply have to reach the £600,000 for the Stage Two Pass.

As Liz Forgan Chairman of the HLF says: "In the normal way of things we do not restore aircraft to flight but The Heritage Lottery Fund was really impressed with the imaginative way in which the Trust's new proposal will let as many people as possible learn about this important part of their heritage. The Vulcan could soon take to the skies again, thanks to this exceptional award made possible by lottery players' money. Now a whole new generation will be able to see this unique and much loved aircraft restored and in action before it retires to the nationally important Imperial War Museum, Duxford."

This news at the start of National Aviation week and in the Centennial Year of Powered Flight is truly significant also it comes exactly a decade after XH558 landed at Bruntingthorpe. The next decade will herald the flight of XH558 and the story of The Cold War will be told to all. Exciting times.

Thank you everyone. Just one more step!

Robert Pleming Felicity Irwin

Vulcan Update (March 2004)

A fresh appeal was launched on 15th March 2004 for pledges and donations to raise the final £600,000 funding target which is required before serious work can done on XH558. The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) are poised to release £2.5M and commercial organisations are ready to help. If all goes to plan this Summer then the servicing will be complete and preperations made to get XH558 in the air again at the end of 2005. There would be about three months of test flying and training with the aim of having her appear at a few airshows in the Summer of 1996 and continue making appearances for the next 10 years. There will also be a mobile exhibition unit which will accompany the Vulcan and a lively Cold War/Vulcan exhibition and visitor centre back in its hangar at Bruntingthorpe.

The 'Flying Plan' is to have the Vulcan appear at RAF Waddington and the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford along with appearances at three major seafront and airfield based events while also doing several flypasts while on training flights or en-route to airshows. With eight zero-hours Olympus engines available and Rolls Royce giving a life of 1,200 maximum power engine cycles, it is believed that XH558 can be flown 25-30 hours a year for 10 years.

'Victory for Vulcan' - XH558 will fly! (June 2004)

The Vulcan to the Sky Team is celebrating!

£2,738,000 of funds granted to Vulcan to the Sky (VTS) will ensure that Avro Vulcan XH558 passes to the nation for restoration, 10-15 years of display flight and to the Imperial War Museum, Duxford in perpetuity. The grant also enables a new programme of education, which will convey the story of The Cold War to the widest possible audience, many for the first time.

This grant of £2,738,000 together with the partnership funding raised by donation, corporate support and fundraising will make up the £3,970,000 required for the project.

'This is indeed history in the making,' said Dr Robert Pleming, Project Director of VTS ' Although we have thought that this day would come it seems to have taken forever and it is hard to really believe that at last we can commence the work on XH558 to return her to her rightful place in the sky. Emotions are running high but we will soon come back to earth and begin the very serious work of recreating an airworthy Vulcan.'

Vulcan XH558 is hangared at Bruntingthorpe in Leicestershire and work to prepare the hangar and recruit specialist engineers to work with Marshall of Cambridge to begin the restoration will commence as soon as possible. An A8-20 is required from the CAA and after that, provided the partnership funding is there, it will be all systems go!

Avro Vulcan now belongs to the Nation – you! (March 2005)

Today the Vulcan to the Sky Trust (VTST) purchased Avro Vulcan XH558, and will restore her to flight for the benefit of the Nation.

The generosity and enthusiasm of thousands of people across Great Britain and abroad has been rewarded, as their donations, together with an exceptional grant from The Heritage Lottery Fund, have enabled the Vulcan to the Sky Trust, a Registered Charity, to purchase Avro Vulcan XH558, the last remaining example of the RAF's V-Force that can ever be returned to flight, from its current private owner.

"This is the day that Felicity Irwin and I have been working towards for the past four year so it is almost impossible to express our feelings except to say a huge 'Thank You' to everyone who has supported VTS and the Team to get us where we are. With the help of many across the British aerospace industry, the real project work now begins, but it is so exciting we shall barely notice the challenge. We intend to share every step with you all, and look forward to the day when the aircraft takes to the skies once again!" says Dr Robert Pleming, the Project Director.

At the announcement of the Heritage Lottery award, Sheila Stone, Heritage Lottery Fund Regional Manager for the East Midlands, said: "The Avro Vulcan has played an important role in the UK's aviation history and I am pleased that we have been able to support XH558's acquisition and, uniquely in this instance, restoration to full flying condition. A design icon, the Vulcan will once more be seen in the air enabling the public to appreciate its intricate technical excellence and awesome power. The Heritage Lottery Fund believes passionately that heritage, of all types, should be opened up to as many people as possible; the accompanying education programme, devised by the Vulcan to the Sky Trust, will additionally give people the opportunity to learn more about the Vulcan's fascinating story."

Says Squadron Leader David Thomas (Retd), the pilot who flew XH558 to Bruntingthorpe in 1993, and is the pilot designate to fly her out again in 2006, "This really is a red letter day. When we flew '558 into Bruntingthorpe in 1993 we felt that this would probably be her last flight, but over the past eight years the Vulcan to the Sky team have worked relentlessly to gain the support, permissions and funding required for the return to flight. Today with the purchase of the aircraft that process has truly begun, and I can barely believe that in 2006 I shall have the privilege and the pleasure of flying this awesome example of all that is the Best of British, and to share her with as many people, both young and old, as is possible. In the air the Vulcan is unique; totally different to look at, a noise and vibration level that commands your attention and an ability to manoeuvre that is beyond belief. It is due to you, the army of supporters, who have contributed and continue to contribute financially to this project that we have the chance to return this icon of Cold War power back to the display circuit. To everyone who has believed in VTS and helped us overcome impossible odds, and given me the opportunity to fly the World's premier display aircraft again, thank you. What a day for British Aviation!"

The aircraft will be restored at Bruntingthorpe by a technical team from Marshall Aerospace, Cambridge, is supported by BAE SYSTEMS plc the Design Authority, and many major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), with an anticipated first flight (deleted) in 2006. Those wishing to become 'Friends' of the project and follow the restoration and flight programme, or purchase your very own 'piece' of XH558 can do so by email to or visit or ring 0800 083 2022 or write to VTST P.O.Box 3240, Dorset BH21 4YP. This is the project to be part of of!

Latest news from

Mildenhall Air Fete 2005?

RAF MILDENHALL, England — Air show enthusiasts may see the return next year (2005) of one of Europe's largest air shows — OR something similar.

The 100th Air Refueling Wing is still pondering the possibility of hosting Air Fete in 2005 after a three-year absence, although it could be smaller than the two-day event of past years. "We are planning on doing a big community relations event of some type in late spring or early summer," said Col. Richard Devereaux, the wing commander.One possibility being considered is Air Fete, which hasn't been held since 2001 because of security concerns and operational tempo since the start of the war on terror. Another option being considered is an event limited to residents of local villages and towns where American airmen live. That could be a small event for invitees only or a larger event with some sort of pass program that would welcome up to 20,000 residents of the local villages and towns. Those events would include base tours, static aircraft displays and, perhaps, some sort of flying show, Devereaux said.

"I think it is important that we do a big event here," said Devereaux, to lower barriers that have been raised between the base and the local communities. Ken Thompson, a local businessman and member of the British-American Committee on the base, agreed that something should be done. "It's got to the point where it's inside-the-fence and outside-the- fence," he said. "That's horrible. I think that's rubbish." Devereaux said the base is talking with local governments, Suffolk County police, the Ministry of Defence and U.S. Air Forces in Europe while it considers which option will work best. The wing must look at the potential mission tempo for next spring and early summer and consider security requirements for any event. "Cost is going to be a factor in any of the options we look at," he said.

Stars And Stripes

Mildenhall Latest - Aircraft Illustrated

According to the Aircraft Illustrated magazine, a final decision on whether to hold a full blown public airshow or a much smaller event at Mildenhall has yet to be decided. An event is likely to be be held at Mildenhall on Saturday 4th June 2005 but its unlikely to be a large scale event. A spokesman for Team Mildenhall said it was looking at something like a friends & family day and that it would definately not be a return of the Air Fete.

A final decision will be taken in the New Year and its unlikely that a large 2-day event will ever return to Mildenhall. Even a public airshow on a smaller scale is now unlikely for 2005 as it has been left rather late to organise it for June. One of the issues considered by Team Mildenhall is access to the base and if a small 'community appreciation' event is to take place, which seems likely, then some sort of pass system will probably be employed to restrict entry to those who have been invited in advance.

Mildenhall Latest - BBC Suffolk News

Security fears threaten air show
The future looks bleak for another Air Fete show at RAF Mildenhall The future of one of the largest air shows in Europe looks uncertain after being cancelled for a fourth year. The Mildenhall Air Fete in Suffolk, which attracts more than 500,000 people to the area, has not taken place since 2001 amid security concerns.

A Community Appreciation Day will be held in June, however, to show the base's thanks for the support provided by local communities. USAF spokesperson Sgt Cindy Dorfner said the event would be ticket only.

Security concerns
"We're just having this to show thanks to our local community neighbours who welcome us every day and put up with our noise," she said. Air Fete, the largest military air show in Europe, has not been held since September 11, 2001 due to runaway resurfacing and the "war on terrorism". "Logistically it takes a lot to plan...the basic framework was already there in 2001 - to start it again from scratch would be difficult," Ms Dorfner added. "Security's a lot tighter in the days after 9/11. There are lot of concerns now with holding an air show." "Who knows if we will ever have an Air Fete again - we may have both," she added. "All I know is we won't have one this year - we haven't even considered it for next year yet."

BBC Suffolk website

EDP24 website

'The USAF would host a community day to give something back to the community, especially after the outpouring of support after the attacks on September 11. The ticket-only Community Appreciation Day planned for June 4 will see 25,000 residents of Breckland, Forest Heath, East Cambridgeshire and St Edmundsbury invited. There will be bands, including Abba tribute band Bjorn Again, American food stalls, games and a small flying demonstration and static display.'

EDP24 website

Hi all, The Public Affairs Office at RAF Mildenhall put out yesterday afternoon that the proposed air event 'pencilled-in' for early May is cancelled. There will be no "On-Base" public event this year.

You may be interested to note that the cause is sighted as 'cost', with the base having to make "millions" of $ savings to offset monies required for "The War Against Terror". However, I understand from an on-base source who was on the planning committee for the proposed event, that it was not the actual cost of purely running the 'event' which was the stumbling block. The actual reason was the additional funds that would be needed to PAY FOR THE EXTRA SECURITY OPERATION to allow such an event to take place !!

Threat From Housing Development

The future of the Biggin Hill Air Fair is under threat because of a planned housing development.

Bromley council have sanctioned the building of 139 homes on the site of the former RAF married quarters, this site is designated as green belt and requires the approval of the Government Office for London before construction can begin. Our fears are that the increase in the density of housing could jeopardise the use of fast jets at future shows.

How can you help? We need you to tell the Government Office for London your feelings on this matter. Do we want Green Belt land built on for no reason other than profit? Surely Green Belt land is a precious commodity that should only be used as a last resort? Should the public of Greater London and the South East be denied the enjoyment and excitement of fast jets, such as The Red Arrows at the most famous RAF fighter station in the world?

Please do not delay, time is short, act before the rubber stamp comes down write to

The Planning Division
Government Office for London
Riverwalk House
157 - 161 Millbank

or e-mail
The Divisional Manager of the planning office Mr Andrew Melville

Please also see

Walney Air Show 2005

A new airshow for 2005 is the Walney Air Show which is to be held on an ex-WWII airfield near Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria on July 16th 2005. The airfield is now owned by BAESYSTEMS and entry to the airshow will be free. Participating aircraft should include the RAF, warbirds, and hopefully USAF aircraft.

More details on the Airshow Calendar page.

The official website is at

Newark Air Museum Events 2005

The Newark Air Museum at Newark in Nottinghamshire is open to the public every day except December 24th, 25th, 26th and January 1st. Half the aircraft and cockpit sections are displayed under cover, along with the artefact and engine displays, so indifferent weather need not spoil your visit. The museum's collection currently stands at 69 aircraft and cockpit sections from across the history of aviation. These include transport, training and reconnaissance aircraft and helicopters and a diverse selection of jet fighters and bombers. More details at

2005 Events at Newark Air Museum include:

30th April & 1st May - Military Vehicle Crank-Up
Featuring displays of visiting military vehicles to mark the start of the 2005 special events programme at the museum.

7th May - Big Band Supper Dance
The event will be themed as a 1940s wartime concert and will be the museum's special event to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of VE Day. The Dance will take place in the new Aircraft Display Hall with the music being performed by the "New Fanfare Big Band" featuring the popular vocalist Dennis Price. Please note: Ticket numbers for this event will be limited and anyone wishing to attend should book early.

21st & 22nd May - Tribute to the Canberra
This two-day event is being staged to honour the legendary jet bomber as it nears the end of operational service and has been planned to be close to the anniversary date of its maiden flight.

18th & 19th June - Cockpit-Fest & Aeroboot
This two-day event to which a variety of visiting aircraft cockpit sections are anticipated to attend and it will follow the established format of previous years. On both days there is the added bonus of an AEROBOOT Aviation and Avionics sale.

3rd & 4th September - Fire & Rescue Gala Day
As well as Fire and Rescue related groups and societies participating at the event, the search and rescue role of the various museum airframes will be highlighted via special displays. Family fun activities are also scheduled for both days.

We are keen to hear from any groups, organisations or individuals who are interested in participating at any of the events. Regular information updates and participation details will be posted on the official museum website

All of the above events are at:

Newark Air Museum
Winthorpe Showground
NG24 2NY
Telephone: 01636 707170

Details on the Airshow Calendar page.


"The Final Year of Service"
Newark Air Museum is hosting the third of its Canberra Reunions at its Winthorpe Airfield site in eastern Nottinghamshire on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd May 2005, some four years after the last Canberra event.

The first Canberra flight took place on May 13th 1949. Some fifty six years later the museum, which displays one of the world's largest collection of Canberra types, namely complete PR.7, B(I)8 and T.19 variants, a T.17 cockpit and a PR.9 cockpit, felt it appropriate to host the event for perhaps a final time.

Event organiser Bill O'Sullivan is trying to establish contact with Canberra cockpit owners, with the aim of inviting them to participate. At the 2001 event six visiting cockpits participated and Bill's aim is to beat that number. Where possible he hopes many of the owners will leave their cockpits at the museum to participate in Cockpit-Fest 2005, which takes place on June 18th & 19th 2005.

Much of the museum's hitherto un-displayed Canberra Archive material will be on display. Other Canberra related displays such as videos; models aircraft and photograph collections are also being gathered together for display. With every Canberra aircraft on-site expected to be open for public inspection, along with other selected museum aircraft, this event is a must for all ex-Canberra personnel.

All personnel who have had any connection with the Canberra, either as aircrew, ground crew or indeed in any associated activities, will find the event one not to miss. Participants are encouraged to bring along their Canberra photo albums, meet up with former colleagues or old friends and for two days think and talk CANBERRA.

Regular updates will appear on the museum website as more details of participants are confirmed

Romanian MiGs

Waddington and the Royal International Air Tattoo are expecting to display Romanian MiG-21s.

From the official Waddington Airshow website at
'STOP PRESS! 2 x Mig 21 Lancer aircraft of Romanian Air Force will be attending (upgraded Fishbeds)'

and part of a RIAT Press Release:
'The Romanian Air Force has agreed to send four MiG-21 'LanceR' aircraft to the world's largest military airshow and organisers are quietly confident of other Eastern and Central European participation. The MiG-21 is one of the most famous Soviet Cold War fighter aircraft and the four from the Romanian Air Force will be in the UK next summer to conduct a joint exercise with 617 Sqn, the Dambusters, at RAF Lossiemouth.'

Romanian MiG-21 at RAF Cottesmore (RIAT 2001) Romanian MiG-21 at RAF Cottesmore (RIAT 2001)

The RIAT Press Release can be found here.

The Waddington Airshow website.

The official Royal International Air Tattoo website

RAF Cottesmore (RIAT 2001) Gallery includes photos of Romanian MiG-21s

RN Lynx crash

A Royal Navy Lynx from 815 Naval Air Squadron based at Yeovilton was scrambled after a distress call from the frigate HMS Montrose who reported cries for help coming from the water. The Lynx helicopter vanished from radar just after 7pm on Wednesday 8th December 2004, some 19 miles off Lizard Point, Cornwall. A major search and rescue operation was then launched to look for the helicopter involving two warships and three navy helicopters. It was later announced that the wreckage of the helicopter and the bodies of the 4 man crew were found on the bottom of the seabed following searches off the coast of Cornwall. The frigate concerned, HMS Montrose, later reported all personnel accounted for. The commanding officer of RNAS Yeovilton has expressed his condolences to relatives of the crew members. Speaking at the base on Thursday, Commodore Alan Bennett said: "I am here to express my deepest sympathy on behalf of the whole air station for 815 Naval Air Squadron which is based here at Yeovilton. "We wish to express our sympathy to all the relations and families and friends of those involved."

BBC website

Sky News

Handley Page Jetstream XX492

Newark Air Museum's seventieth [70th] aircraft, Handley Page Jetstream XX492 started its long journey from Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose, Cornwall to Winthorpe Airfield in Nottighamshire on Wednesday December 8th 2004.

The two Police escorted loads initially made their way to Ashchurch, Gloucestershire, where they made an overnight stay. The journey north recommenced on Thursday December 9th and the two lorry loads eventually arrived at the museum site at 1230 hours. During the early afternoon the aircraft was off loaded inside the new Display Hangar, where it will be reassembled during the coming weeks.

The aircraft was formerly an Advanced Navigation Trainer with the Royal Air Force and it is believed to have been one of the last of the type to fly out of RAF Cranwell, Lincs on March 22nd 2004, when Course 159 was completed. The aircraft is currently the only one of its type to be displayed in a volunteer managed museum in Great Britain and it wears the distinctive light blue Cranwell training band around its fuselage.

Newark Air Museum Website:

Hunter XL577

Delta Jets recently restored Hunter T7 XL577/G-BXKF took to the skies at Kemble on 19th December 2005 in its new 'Blue Diamonds' colour scheme.

Two flawless flights were carried out, the first test flight being with Andy Cubin and Shaun Patrick on board, after which the aircraft was turned round for a photo sortie with Andy Cubin and Ronan Harvey in the hot seats, with Shaun Patrick flying the photoship - JP XW422.

Naturally the days activities were finished with a run and break over the airfield followed by some solo runs by the Hunter for the assembled photographers on the ground.

The Blue Diamond, as XL577 is to be known, will be available for airshows during 2005 and demand is expected to be high in its debut season. Couple this together with Delta Jets' other Hunter, the 'Black Arrow' WV318/G-FFOX and the 'Yellowjack' Gnat, organisers will be able to have a unique formation of classic early British aerobatic display teams.

Photos on Delta Jets website

More photos

Delta Jets website

Restored Hurricane

Hawker Restorations Ltd have recently restored a Hurricane Mk.1 (R4118 / G-HUPW), which made its first post-restoration flight on 23rd December 2004.

This Hurricane was found in India by Peter Vacher who managed to to bring it to the UK for restoration. The serial number, R4118 showed it to be originally a Hurricane Mk.1 which had flown in the Battle of Britain.

A book detailing the finding and restoration of Hurricane R4118 is available at Link below:

Hurricane R4118: The Extraordinary Story of the Discovery and Restoration of a Great Battle of Britain Survivor by Peter Vacher

Hawker Restorations Ltd website

No Canadian Lancaster

It has been reported that Canadian Warplane Heritage (CWH) Lancaster (KB726/C-GVRA) based at Hamilton, Ontario could possible fly over to the UK in the summer of 2005 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of VE-Day. There is to be a flypast on 10th July 2005 over London which will include the BBMF and appropriate warbirds and they will take-off from Duxford during the Flying Legends airshow on Sunday. The Canadian Lancaster has been invited by the RAF to join with the BBMF's Lancaster (PA474), the only other airworthy Lancaster in the world, for the flypast. If the Canadian Lancaster is able to attend the celebrations then it would most likely appear at the Royal International Air Tattoo as well as the Flying Legends and the London Flypast before heading back home.

It has recently been reported that the sponsorship required to bring the Canadian Lancaster to take part in the Commemorative Flypast could not be found and therefore will not be making an appearance in the UK.

The Canadian Wartime Heritage (CWH) Museum, home of the Canadian Lancaster

Details on the CWH website

UK Military Displays for 2005

The RAF will NOT be displaying the Nimrod MR2 for the 2005 airshow season because of overseas commitments and the gradual run-down of the MR2 in preparation for the new Nimrod MRA4.

The popular RAF Chinook HC2 will be making a welcome return to the 2005 airshow circuit after a superb 2004 season.

The RAF Jaguar GR3 will see its last displays in 2005 as it will soon be retiring from service. This year's aircraft is from 41 Squadron with a special paint scheme.

The Royal Navy Sea Harrier FA2 will hopefully be making some farewell appearances at various events in 2005 with a big final display at the RNAS Yeovilton International Air Day on 17th September 2005.

RAF website

Yeovilton Air Day website

Fleet Air Arm Website

Spitfire T.IX takes to the skies

Historic Flying Ltd has restored a Spitfire T.IX (IAC-161/G-CCCA) to airworthy condition with its first post-restoration flight taking place at Duxford on 13th January 2005. IAC-161, formerly PV202 which crashed back in April 2000, has now been returned to its former green Irish Air Corps colours and this 2-seat Spitfire will now be used at Duxford for training purposes.

IAC-161 is being fitted with a digital data acquisition system from Pi Research for monitoring aircraft performance and recording flight data. The system can also record video from each flight, with feeds from three miniature cameras on board. The video will be used for passenger mementoes and training purposes.

Historic Flying Ltd website

IAC-161, formerly PV202, history on Airworthy Spitfire page (bottom of page)

Breighton events & news

The new year promises to be an exciting one at Breighton with a couple of new restoration projects and a new warbird joining the collection. The new flier is the P-51D-25-NA Mustang 44-72773 (G-SUSY), formally operated on the UK airshow circuit by Charles Church and, latterly, Paul Morgan.

Another Mustang airframe and a number of parts have been acquired that will form the basis of a long-term restoration project and, ultimately, yet another P-51 in the air. The third aircraft is set to be another very interesting long-term restoration project. RAC boss, Tony Smith, has bought the mortal remains of Spitfire Mk1 X4276 and eventually plans to return it to the air. The Spitfire, which was built in 1940 and flown by Kiwi Battle of Britain fighter pilot Alan Deere, has been registered G-CDGU.......more details on the Real Aeroplane Company website (Bugle).

2005 Events
Sunday 1st May - Vintage Piper Rally and Breighton 'At Home Day'
Saturday 4th June - Breighton 'At Home Evening', fly-in and Club barbecue
Sunday 5th June - Radial Engine Fly-in and Breighton 'At Home Day'
Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th July - Annual Vintage International Fly-in - (NOTE REVISED DATE)
Sunday 4th September - Vans aircraft fly-in and Breighton 'At Home Day'

The Real Aeroplane Company website

Spitfire PR.XIX to Europe

Spitfire PR.XIX (PS890/N912AM) has recently been sold by 'Planes of Fame' at Chino, CA, USA to a French buyer and is expected to be shipped to Duxford where it will be re-assembled and test flown. PS890 is unusual in being fitted with a contra-rotating propeller (Shackleton engine) and it has now been fitted with rounded wingtips. It is expected to participate at Flying Legends, and La Ferte-Alais in 2005.

Photo by Dean Alexander.

Airworthy Spitfires

Appeal to safeguard Lowestoft Airshow

A fundraising appeal is being launched to help safeguard the future of the Lowestoft Air Festival in Suffolk. The popular two-day airshow, which costs about £250,000 to stage, has been funded with European Union grant aid, but this stopped in 2004. Now the show needs to be self-financing and the private charitable firm Lowestoft Seafront Air Festival Ltd (LSAF) is appealing for public support. Bruno Peek, OBE MVO, a spokesman for the LSAF, said: "It is time for the people of Lowestoft to show that they really want to keep the Lowestoft Seafront Air Festival flying. The organisation hopes to raise at least £200,000. The airshow has been running since 1997 and attracts about 400,000 people. More details here.

BBC News Report

Public plea saves air festival

A drive to raise funds and increase public support has saved this year's Lowestoft Air Festival.

Now organisers hope to build for the future and make it the biggest event of its kind in the UK.

And with a line-up including the Red Arrows and the new Typhoon Eurofighter already confirmed, the future looks bright.

The news comes after fears the event was doomed following the withdrawal of European funding and disappointing public contributions in previous years.

Lowestoft Seafront Air Festival, the non-profit-making company set up to organise this year's show, said that if the 2005 show did not go ahead, it would be the end of the event. But it now says the festival, scheduled for July 28 and 29, is secure.

Managing director Graham Cooke said: "This is fantastic news. Not only have we confirmed the Red Arrows for both days, but we've got some really amazing flights booked for this year.

EDP 24 News Report

60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War Flypast

There will be a flypast of warbirds taking place over London on 10th July 2005 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the end of WW2.

2005 marks the 60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. The Ministry of Defence, in consultation with veterans' organisations and other Government Departments, has decided that the principal commemoration should take place in London on Sunday 10 July 2005, a single day falling between the anniversaries of Victory in Europe Day (VE Day) and Victory against Japan Day (VJ Day). The commemoration will include a service at Westminster Abbey, a veterans' lunch in the grounds of Buckingham Palace, and events on Horse Guards Parade and The Mall.

A flypast of vintage aircraft from the War will pass overhead, culminating with a poppy drop by the Lancaster bomber of the Royal Air Force's Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

MoD website

Bell UH1H "Huey" for display in 2005

1972 Bell UH1H 'Huey' G-UH1H - Tail No. 72-21509

This helicopter is arriving in the UK in March 2005, having undergone a complete restoration from November 2003 to January 2005. The brief history of the aircraft is as follows.

April 1972 - Purchased by the US Army
July 1972 - Joined 129 Assault Helicopter Company Vietnam. Indication shows 108 flights and 559 combat hours were flown, until it was returned to the US in February 1973.
1973 - Army National Guard
1991 - US Army Troop Support and Aviation Readiness Command
1992 - USARASF
1995 - Army Aviation Support Facility
1996 - Army Aviation Support Facility
August 2000 - Aerospace Maintenance Central for storage, AZ
2003 - 2005 - Undergone complete restoration in the United States

The aircraft will be available as a static display and hopefully flying display, subject to CAA approval as and when requested. The presentation of the aircraft will be:

Colour: Army Matt Green
Seating: 2 Crew , 12 Troops
Crew: Pilot, Co-Pilot, Crew Chief and Gunner
Engine: Lycoming T53-L-13 turbine, 1400shp
Speed: 127 Mph (maximum)
Range: 299 miles
Armament: Two door mounted 7.62mm M-60D Machine Guns (deactivated)

There is no other UH1H flying in the UK at this time and in this specification.

More details on the website at

Tornado GR4 Crash-landing

A Tornado GR4 aircraft from Number 12 Squadron at RAF Lossiemouth, Scotland, conducted a controlled emergency landing at its home base on 21/2/05.

The aircraft encountered unexpected undercarriage problems. The aircraft crew managed to affect a landing but the aircraft caught fire. Defence Fire service crews reacted immediately and both crew members were rescued with no injuries.

The actions of both the aircraft crew and RAF fire crews are an excellent example of the professionalism and effective training of RAF personnel. An investigation into the incident will be conducted.

RAF website News

Newark Air Museum - Vulcan XM594

New Vulcan Owner

Newark [Nottinghamshire & Lincolnshire] Air Museum's Trustees are pleased to announce that the new owner of the Avro Vulcan B.2 XM594, which is displayed at the museum, is the Lincolnshire's Lancaster Association.

Having initially purchased Avro Shackleton Mk.3 WR977 in the late 1990s, the Vulcan becomes the second Avro airframe that the Lincolnshire's Lancaster Association have on loan with the UK's largest volunteer managed aviation museum.

"The Museum Trustees are delighted with this decision, which ensures that both aircraft will remain at the museum site on Winthorpe Airfield", Commented Museum Trustee Howard Heeley, he concluded, "We are also looking forward to the possibility of forming an even closer working relationship with the Lincolnshire's Lancaster Association, which we believe will help secure the long-term future of both aircraft for future generations".

Waddington Airshow shapes up

The RAF Waddington International Air Show has recently announced that the Hellenic Air Force will have an F-4 Phantom, F-16 Falcon, and M-2000 Mirage, also a Turkish F-4E will be at the airshow on 2nd and 3rd July 2005. Also on static display will be 2 Romanian Mig-21, Hungarian MiG-29 (flying) & Antonov An-26.

RAF Waddington Airshow website

First Typhoon Squadron to Coningsby (April 2005)

The first RAF Eurofighter Typhoon squadron has left BAE Systems Warton site for RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire, their first RAF base in the UK. The Typhoon squadron has been based at Warton for the last fifteen months where it has been undergoing Operational Test and Evaluation of the RAF's newest combat aircraft.

The first squadron, 17 (Reserve) Squadron, are heading off to Coningsby on schedule, and Typhoon has outperformed the highest expectations of reliability and serviceability, with the team outflying even the stretch target by as much as 15%, and more than 1,300 flying hours completed.

29 (Reserve) Squadron are due to move to Coningsby later in the year. Further pilots will begin flying training next week, and RAF ground crew will progressively take over operations in preparation for the move.

After Coningsby the next base to gain Eurofighter will be RAF Leeming. Two squadrons will convert to Eurofighter here between 2006 and 2008. Currently 11 and 25 Squadrons are flying F.3's at this base. The final three squadrons will be formed at RAF Leuchars from 2008 to 2010. Leuchars is currently home to 111 and 43 Squadrons again flying Tornado F.3's. In addition the 56(R) Squadron F.3 OCU which will have moved from Coningsby. Royal Air Force website

Eurofighter Typhoon website

RAF Waddington Airshow website

RAF Families Days

07 May - RAF Cottesmore, Rutland
14 May - RAF Aldergrove, Belfast
20 May - RAF Coningsby, Lincs
21 May - RAF Lossiemouth & RAF Kinloss, Moray

01 June - RAF Valley, Anglesey

14 July - RAF Wittering, Cambs
28 July - RAF Marham, Norfolk
29 July - RAF Shawbury, Shrops

16 August - RAF Lyneham, Wilts

01 September - RAF Benson, Oxon

Please note that these events are not open to the public.

Panelled-up' at Newark Air Museum

'Panelling-up' is essentially complete on Newark Air Museum's two newest airframes, Sea Harrier ZA176 and Jetstream XX492. When the Sea Harrier was acquired last summer, 92 panels were missing. The museum has been able to source 89 of these all of which have now been fitted and work is still ongoing to locate the missing items.

The Jetstream has soaked up a lot of manpower during the winter months. The airframe was recently lowered off jacks, allowing the tail-planes to be re-fitted. The aircraft is amongst three aircraft that have been temporarily moved outside to create space for three special events: the Big Band Supper Dance, the Tribute to the Canberra and the Cockpit-Fest / AEROBOOT aviation and avionics sale.

After the AEROBOOT event on June 18th and 19th the Jetstream, Gannet and Wessex helicopter will all be moved back inside Display Hangar 2.

A 'Panelled-up' ZA176, nearly
back to its former glory.

Pictured in the spring sunshine
XX492 is now substantially complete.

Photo Credits: Howard Heeley - Down To Earth Promotions


Canberra Move" at Newark Air Museum

Newark Air Museum's Canberra B[I]8 WV787 moved closer to its new long-term home during the recent Bank Holiday weekend

This particular Canberra airframe has National Benchmark status [the top listing possible] on the National Aviation Heritage Register and it will shortly be moved inside Display Hangar 2, which was funded with a grant of £453,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The final move to under cover accommodation will be completed after three special events have been held at the museum: the Big Band Supper Dance, the Tribute to the Canberra on May 21st & 22nd and the Cockpit-Fest / AEROBOOT aviation and avionics sale on June 18th & 19th.

Canberra B[I]8 WV787 in its new temporary home
outside Display Hangar 2 at Newark Air Museum.

Photo Credits: Howard Heeley - Down To Earth Promotions


UK's last B-17 Flying Fortress, Sally B, grounded by European Regulations

On the eve of the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the end of World War Two, new European regulations have grounded the UK's much-loved Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress, Sally B.

This is because of crippling new EU third party liability insurance requirements, based on aircraft weight, which have placed Sally B in the same insurance category as a commercial airliner. The effect is an increase in liability insurance of almost five hundred per cent, which is the equivalent of a staggering one thousand pounds extra per flying hour, on top of the already incredibly high running costs. But unlike a 737, Sally B operates for only twenty hours a year, is on a Permit to Fly, and can neither fly commercially, carry passengers, fly for hire and reward or fly over built-up areas.

Elly Sallingboe, head of the aircraft's operating company, said 'In this anniversary of the end of World War Two, Europe has managed to ground the last B-17 in the UK. This is a bitter setback to the B-17 Team and Members, who have put in over a quarter of a century of relentless hard work and dedication to keep Sally B in the air. It seems the Government is powerless to grant an exemption to this new regulation, which is destroying historic aviation in the UK. It is particularly upsetting when you think that Sally B flies as a memorial to over 70,000 Allied airmen who lost their lives in the skies over Europe. The aircraft is ready to fly, and we will do everything humanly possible to find a solution.'

So what are we doing about it? We have begun a national media campaign to spread awareness of the aircraft's plight, raise the additional funds and continue our fight for an exemption. We are positive that a short-term solution will be found so that Sally B can continue flying this season, starting with the Memorial Day Flypast over the American Military Cemetery at Madingley on 30 May. This is undoubtedly her most important and poignant event of the year, when we pay tribute to all those young men who sacrificed their lives for our freedom, and especially as we mark the 60th Anniversary of the end of the War.

We desperately need the public's help now, more than ever. Details of how to support us can be found on How you can help page

People can also lobby their MPs to get this unjust law changed. MPs' contact details can be found at

Everything depends on the public's reaction to our campaign and their generosity in making donations to The B-17 Charitable Trust. But if no permanent solution is found, this will be Sally B's last season flying in this country. For further information, please contact Sean Maffett, tel: (01451) 810100 e-mail

Sally B Latest

B-17 Flying Fortress 'Sally B' which has been grounded because of much higher insurance costs after the new EU regulations has recently taken to the air again after Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic paid the cost of 3 months insurance allowing Sally B to take part in the 60th anniversary flypast over Buckingham Palace this summer. The B-17's operating company have welcomed this but stress that a long term solution is still required.

More details on the B-17 'Sally B' Website:


This year's Cockpit-Fest is the seventh time that Newark Air Museum has hosted this unique two day extravaganza, which is being held on Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th June 2005 at the museum's South Field Site, Winthorpe Airfield, Newark, Notts.

At the time of writing [May 7th] nine visiting aircraft cockpit sections have so far booked to attend Cockpit-Fest 2005: Canberra T.4, Hunter FGA.9, Canberra B.6, Hunter F.1, Lightning F.1, Vampire T.11, Canberra B.2, Hornet F.1 and Jaguar GR.1. Further cockpits should be confirmed closer to the event.

Also available for inspection will be museum resident cockpits: EE Canberra PR.9, EE Canberra T.17 and the Beverley flight deck. Various museum aircraft and helicopters will be open during the weekend, with access available for a small additional charge. Additional visiting displays include: WWII Merlin Engine performing engine runs and The Raptor Foundation

The Aeroboot – Aviation & Avionics Sale is being run over both days and includes under cover stalls. Space is still available and details can be obtained by sending a large SAE to the museum. Booking have already been received from more than 25 stallholders, come along to browse and pick-up those aviation related bargains. [N.B. there is no separate admission just for the Aeroboot event, which is now fully integrated into the Cockpit-Fest experience].

The two-day event is open to the general public and normal museum admission rates apply, Adults £5.50, Over 60s £5.00, Children £3.25 and Family ticket (2 adults & 2 children) £15.50. Appointments are preferred for Group visits, although not essential and party rate data is available on application.

Full information on the museum and its facilities is available via its website:

Photo Credits: Howard Heeley - Down To Earth Promotions


COCKPIT-FEST UPDATE - June 18th & 19th 2005

The first of sixteen [16] visiting cockpits, Canberra B[I]6 WT319 is already in position at Newark Air Museum's Winthorpe Airfield Site in preparation for Cockpit-Fest 2005. This two- day aviation spectacular, which is combined with an AEROBOOT aviation and avionics sale, takes place on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th June 2005. External Aeroboot pitches can still be pre-booked and some will be available on each day of the event.

The following list of anticipated participating cockpits is correct at the time of going to press, June 7th 2005:

Jaguar GR.1; Hunter FGA.9; Canberra B.6; Hunter F.1; Lightning F.1; Vampire T.11; Canberra B.2; Hornet F.1; Jaguar GR.1; Hunter F.6A; Hunter FGA.9; Hunter F.2; Hunter T.7; Hunter FGA.9; Phantom [simulator body]; Tornado [cockpit rig]; Canberra PR.9 [Museum resident]; Canberra T.17 [Museum resident]. On the Interiors side displays promised include: Panels from Wessex HU.5; components and displays from a Fairey Battle and Lightning XS457. Special guest for the weekend is The Raptor Foundation, with their display of birds of prey. In addition a number of active exhibits will be featured during the weekend. A World War Two Merlin Engine will perform engine runs throughout the weekend; Avro Vulcan XM594 is also expected do perform system demonstrations throughout the weekend; Volunteers from NAM will endeavour to open a number of our aircraft for public visits throughout the weekend; BBMF Spitfire flypast on Saturday.

Special Notice
It should be noted by visitors that as some of these Cockpits travel many miles to be here for the weekend, it must be expected that some will start to leave the site from 2pm. We therefore recommend early viewing to avoid disappointment.

Normal museum admission rates apply. Adults £5.50, Over 60s £5.00, Children £3.25 and Family ticket [2 adults & 2 children] £15.50. Appointments are preferred for Group [15 plus people] visits. Gates open for the public at 1000 hours both days.

Photo Credits: Howard Heeley - Down To Earth Promotions

"Nearly There!" at Newark Air Museum

In a series of intricate moves undertaken on Sunday July 10, 2005 four more Newark Air Museum aircraft were moved inside Display Hangar 2, which was funded with a grant of £453,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

After re-positioning the Jet Provost airframe, the Wessex, Canberra B[I]8, Jetstream and Gannet were carefully manoeuvred into the western end of the hangar.

This leaves just two further aircraft to be moved into the eastern end of the new hangar. Some minor adjustments to the layout of Display Hangar 1 have to be completed before this final move is undertaken, which will then enable the Meteor NF12 and Saab Draken to be moved into their new accommodation.

Photo Credits: Howard Heeley - Down To Earth Promotions


Duxford's Hangar 1 (Airspace)

The construction of 'Airspace' (Hangar 1) at Duxford started on 17th January 2005. It is due to be finished at the end of March 2006 which will include the fit out of the offices, classrooms and corporate areas, aircraft suspension, and exhibition fit out. The work will continue until the formal opening of 'Airspace' in spring 2007.

This exciting project has been allocated £9 million by the Heritage Lottery Fund and £995,000 by the East of England Development Agency. The overall cost of 'Airspace' is in the region of £27.9 million and will have a 10,000 square metre exhibition featuring 30 classic British and Commonwealth aircraft. BAE Systems has formed a partnership with the Imperial War Museum in the development of 'Airspace', providing the company with a focal point for maintaining and promoting its heritage at Duxford. Many other companies, organisations, and individuals have also supported 'Airspace'. Funding is still required for the superb learning facilities within 'Airspace' and for the exhibition hall and galleries that will place the exhibits in their historical and cultural context.

'Airspace' will tell the story of British aviation from the early pioneers to the future. You will find out how an aeroplane flys, how they are made and used. You will get to know aircraft designers, test pilots, passengers, ground crew, fighter pilots, and factory workers from the past to the present. The displays will include video and sound displays, hands-on displays, items to handle, computers, words and pictures, and historical objects.

Hangar 1 (Airspace)
construction. (July 2005)

Update (October 2005)

The framework for the Airspace building is now complete and the external cladding on the roof and elevations are being installed. Once the structure is sufficiently waterproof, work will begin on plumbing, lifts, the balustrade and the mechanical and electical plant and equipment. The staircases and lift shafts have been installed together with the mezzanine level on both sides of the building. The east and west mezzanines are connected by the Skybridge, across the northern end of the building, which is also in place. Room sizes have been marked out ready for partitioning work to start later in the build programme. The new hangar doors will be built on site and installed over the autumn. It is hoped that some aircraft will be stored inside the building over the winter.

Airspace will cover an area of almost 3 acres and will be one of the largest spaces devoted to the interpretation of aviation heritage in the world. Click on the photos below to see the Airspace aircraft layout.

Hangar 1 (Airspace) Aircraft layout

Hangar 1 (Airspace) Aircraft layout

What's on at Duxford '05 - '06

Sunday 16th October - Autumn Air Show
Saturday 5th November - National lottery Day
Sunday 13th November - Remembrance Day (admission free on this day)
Museum is closed from Saturday 24th December until Monday 26th December

2006 Airshows:
Sunday 21st May - May Air Show
Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th July - Flying Legends Air Show
Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd September - Spitfire Anniversary Air Show
Sunday 8th October - Autumn Air Show

Imperial War Museum

Enthusiast Days - Newark Air Museum

ENTHUSIAST DAYS at Newark Air Museum Newark Air Museum has just announced the first dates for a series of "Enthusiast Days" at its Winthorpe Airfield site in eastern Nottinghamshire, close to the border with Lincolnshire.

Bookings now being taken for theses first dates on:

Tuesday August 30th
Tuesday September 13th
Tuesday September 27th

Places are only available by pre-booking and the all-inclusive entrance fee is £15 per person. On each day participants will be greeted with a welcome snack before being taken in small escorted groups onto various museum aircraft including: Hastings, Shackleton, Varsity, Vulcan, Canberra & Phantom Simulator.

A special part of the each day will be a behind the scenes tour to see "missing airframes" i.e. those undergoing restoration or that are in long-term storage around the site. After the tour, participants will be free to wander around the extensive museum site at their leisure. Each Enthusiast Day will be limited to just 12 participants, although further dates should be confirmed later.

Spaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis, depending on the date on which booking forms are received, email or telephone 01636 707170 for a Booking Form today.

Folland Gnat T.1

Luscombe P3 Rattler Strike

Photo Credits: Howard Heeley - Down To Earth Promotions


Duxford Battle of Britain Airshow

Taken from the official Imperial War Museum website at

'Announcement: Battle of Britain Air Show - Sunday 11 September.
Ladies and gentlemen, those of you who were here on Sunday 11 September won't need to be told how unkind the weather was to us. We were grateful that you stuck with us in the hope that conditions may have improved. Unfortunately they did not improve sufficiently for us to put on a full display and we are truly sorry that due to circumstances beyond our control we could not stage the show we had planned. We appreciate your tenacity and perseverance.

As a gesture of goodwill the Museum would like to offer those of you who paid to be there on Sunday 11 September a discount voucher for the next Duxford air show on Sunday 16 October. To apply for this voucher just send your ticket for 11 September back to the Museum with your name and address and we will post the discount voucher to you. Simply address it to September Air Show, IWM Duxford Cambridge CB2 4QR.'

ENTHUSIAST DAYS – at Newark Air Museum


Due to the tremendous success of the first two Enthusiast Days, Newark Air Museum has just announced that additional dates have now been fixed for Tuesday 18th October 2005 and Tuesday 8th November 2005.

Places are only available by pre-booking and the all-inclusive entrance fee is £15 per person. On each day participants will be greeted with a welcome snack before being taken in small escorted groups onto various museum aircraft including: Hastings, Shackleton, Varsity, Vulcan, Canberra & Phantom Simulator.

A special part of the each day will be a behind the scenes tour to see "missing airframes" i.e. those undergoing restoration or that are in long-term storage around the site. After the tour, participants will be free to wander around the extensive museum site at their leisure. Each Enthusiast Day will be limited to just 12 participants, although further dates should be confirmed later.

Spaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis, depending on the date on which booking forms are received. Possible participants can obtain further details and a Booking Form by sending a large SAE, emailing or telephoning 01636 707170.

Tornado F3 crash

An RAF Tornado F3 from RAF Leuchars crashed shortly after take-off, coming down nine miles South-east of RAF Leuchars at 5.45pm on 14th October 2005.

An MoD spokesman said the crew, who were taken by helicopter to Ninewells Hospital in Dundee, were "fit" but they had "bumps and scrapes". "The two crew members ejected from the aircraft before it crashed and they have been rescued and taken to hospital. One has a minor leg injury but both are okay.

Two Sea King helicopters as well as lifeboats were scrambled from RAF Boulmer and the naval air station at Gannett, near Prestwick in Ayrshire. The men were found shortly before 6.30pm and airlifted to hospital.

A formal investigation will be launched to find out if the accident was caused by pilot error or any malfunction of the jet."

BBC News

Sky News